• Dining Menu

    Cape Cod Margarita 17
    El Jimador Reposado tequila, Grand Marnier, cranberry, lime

    Main Street Cosmo 16
    Pineapple infused Smirnoff vodka, Triple Sec, lime, cranberry juice

    Blueberry Lemonade 15
    Triple 8 blueberry vodka, Lemon pellegrio

    The Enchanted 16
    - Sparkling liquid poetry - A Little Sugar and Aperol, topped with Champagne

    SPARKLING WINES Glass|Bottle
    NV Blanc de Blancs Barton & Gustier, France 10|38

    ROSE WINE Glass|Bottle
    Rosé, AIX, Provence 14|46

    WHITE WINE Glass|Bottle
    Sauvignon Blanc, The Crossings, Marlborough 11|42
    Pinot Grigio, Barone Fini, Veneto 11|42
    Chardonnay, Sonoma Cutrer, Russian River 16|62

    RED WINE Glass|Bottle
    Pinot Noir, Chemistry, Willamette Valley 14|54
    Cabernet Sauvignon, Kate Arnold, Columbia Valley Washington 14|54
    Cabernet Sauvignon, Girard, Napa Valley 20|78

    IPA, Flyaway, New England 9
    Michelob Ultra 5
    Wheat, Everything Whale be Alright, Belgium 9
    Red, Cape Cod 9
    Blonde, Cape Cod 9

    Quick Bites

    Bow Chica Wow Wow Wings
    Plant Based
    Secret spice blend seasoned wings Dry, Sweet Thai Chili, or Buffalo Served with celery and blue cheese 16

    Seacuterie Board
    Plant Based
    Housemade smoked bluefish pate, honey baked smoked salmon, cocktail shrimp, pickled onions, caperberries, assorted sauces, flatbread crackers 25

    Fried Brussels Sprouts
    Plant Based Goose Favorite
    Flash fried, Thai sweet chili sauce, “Everything Bagel Seasoning" 15

    Goose Fries
    Plant Based Goose Favorite
    A Chatham Favorite! Smoked Gouda cheese sauce, scallions, crispy applewood smoked bacon 14

    Smoked Bluefish Pate
    Plant Based
    Flatbread crackers, pickled red onions 12

    Before placing your order, inform your server if anyone in your party has a food allergy