Chatham Area Beaches

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South Beach/Lighthouse Beach

When people are looking for beaches near Chatham, this is the one that many people think of. Located on Shore Road by the Chatham Light, South Beach is huge with an amazing view. It’s suggested to bring binoculars to see even more of the beautiful view.

The lighthouse is actively used by the U.S. Coast Guard to help guide ships through the waters of Chatham. While it’s not always open to the public, when it is the admission is free. Be sure to plan to be at the beach when the lighthouse is open for visiting.

Also known as Lighthouse Beach, this is a great beach for all ages. However, be aware that parking is limited, and only available for half an hour at a time. There is a shuttle bus available at Eldredge Service Station on Main Street, however. This beach is also within walking distance (0.6 miles) from the Chatham Inn.

Harding’s Beach

Off Hardings Beach Road, Harding’s Beach (also known as Harding Beach) is located on the warm calm waters of Nantucket Sound is a great place for beach games. Whether it’s beach volleyball, Frisbee, Wiffle ball, of even beach bocce (a local game), there’s always games going on at this beach. It’s considered by many to be the most family-oriented beach in Chatham.

Harding’s Beach also offers great views of Oyster River and Stage Harbor. It’s recommended as a great place for bird watching. If you’re looking to sail or kayak to Monomoy Island, this is a great beach to launch from. Nearby, there are kayak rentals available. There’s plenty of parking and lifeguards on staff. Showers and food vendors are also available at this beach.

Ridgevale Beach

Located off Ridgevale Drive in Chatham, MA, Ridgevale is a big beach in between Buck’s Creek and Eel Creek. Both of these creeks empty into the Atlantic Ocean. This beach is actually located in between Cockle Cove Beach and Harding’s Beach. Cockle Cove Beach is not far at all to the west.

Ridgevale Beach tends to be a hot spot for families because of its nice view and size. This beach also features a snack bar. If you’d like to rent a sailboat, there’s a rental business nearby on Ridgevale Road. For nature lovers, there’s a nature reserve nearby called Sulfur Springs Marshes.

Forest Beach

Forest Beach is off of Forest Beach Road in Chatham, MA. There is free parking for a limited amount of cars. This is family-oriented beach with calm, warm waters for swimming. It also happens to be a favorite of local cottage owners.

While Forest Beach is free-entry, but there are no bathrooms or lifeguards on staff. The beach includes plenty of shells for beachcombing and some rock jetties. Generally, it’s a beach without many people, so it’s usually fairly quiet and peaceful. It’s also a Conservation Area, so it’s a great place to enjoy nature.

Oyster Pond

Oyster Pond is a beach off of Stage Harbor Road and Kingsbury Way in Chatham, MA. This beach features a saltwater pond with darker sand and a great view of the water. It’s very open, but it’s near traffic. So while it’s not as peaceful as some other beaches near Chatham, it’s also extremely close to town.

There’s a fair amount of parking and it’s a great place to take the kids. Also, there are rafts and swimming lessons available for visitors. Picnic tables are also available, so when it’s not too busy, it can make a great picnic spot.

Schoolhouse Pond

Schoolhouse Pond is small with a roped-off swim area. It’s located off Schoolhouse Pond Road off of Sam Ryder Road in Chatham, MA. This beach is shady and calm. Nearby are Goose Pond and the smaller Ryder’s Pond.

Despite its small size, it’s very popular. Before visiting the Schoolhouse Pond beach, be aware that no flotation devices are allowed at this spot. Parking is limited here, so you may want to walk or seek alternate transportation.

Across the street is a conservation area known as the Triangle, which is a great walking trail and recreation area. It’s worth visiting both of these spots while you’re here.

Cockle Cove Beach

Cockle Cove Beach is on Taylor’s Pond Road off Cockle Cove Road in South Chatham, MA. It’s right off of Route 28. This beach is long and narrow with plenty of room and small waves. There are plenty of shallow areas, as well.

Cockle Cove is a great place for windsurfing and boating. There’s a sailboat rental service available at nearby Ridgevale Beach. For cyclists, there’s even a bike rack. It’s also just a great place to take walks and features a very nice bridge. There is an attendant on-staff during the season.

Pleasant Street Beach

When pro para-surfers and windsurfers are looking for beaches near Chatham to enjoy, Pleasant Street Beach is a definite favorite. Off Pleasant Street in Chatham, MA, Pleasant Street Beach is also known for great views of sunsets.

This small, curved beach is known for cool waters. It’s also known for its fascinating rock jetties. Shell collectors and beachcombers will appreciate the wide variety of shells that can be found here for collection enthusiasts. Because of it’s small size, this beach is often quiet. While the parking area here is small, it’s also free.

This pretty beach is also a great launching point for kayaks or sailboats towards Wychmere Harbor or Monomoy Island. There’s also easy access to Red River. In fact, Red River Beach in Harwich Port is just a mile and a half away to the west. Forest Beach is even closer to the east.